Myth of Camp David deal offered to Palestinians…

May 19, 2017

98% of 22% of historic Palestine, doesn’t amount to shit, plus the fact that so called 98% WB & Gaza would be demilitarized, well that OK, as soon as Israel also be demilitarized as well. No mention what so ever what happen to Palestinian Refugees forced out of their homes in 1947/48, still living in Refugee Camps spread all over Middle East. People should read the whole text document of Camp David, just google it. Arafat was offered a societal deal, no Arab leader in their right mind would fathom the notion of accepting such a deal. My deal for Zionist Israel is as follows, Palestine is for all Palestinians Christians, Jews and Muslims to live in Peace and respect as equals in every way, all Zionists however, are strongly encouraged to promptly leave to wherever they came from, Europe, Russia, USA etc….In summation Israeli Leaders have never been remotely serious about having and achieving genuine Peace with indigenous Palestinians, never as of to date.


is Hamas a Terrorist Organization!!!!

May 3, 2017

As most people know by now that I’m not a fan of Hamas, I can say with a clear conscious that Hamas started originally by non other than Israeli leaders in order to counter the PLO dominance and control over Palestinians, but Hamas evolved from that into a social organization with a military wing, that filled the vacuum that PLO left when they started to listen and obey rich Arab regimes such as Saudi Arabia and alike. But Hamas stopped listening to what Israeli leaders were saying and started really taking care of the impoverished Palestinians in Gaza, and Hamas was elected democratically to represent them, that’s when Israeli Leaders stoped liking Hamas and started to assassinate it’s leaders, that’s the simplistic answer of course, there’s more to that story. In short, Hamas is not a Terrorist Organization, Hamas is resisting the most barbaric and illegal Siege/Occupation on Palestinian people, after all, “Resist is to Exist”…

On the other hand, when Israeli leaders call Hamas Terrorist, that’s the ultimate in POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK, and then some. Facts on the ground shows that in fact Israel is the real Terrorist in the way it has treated and still treating Palestinians on a daily bases…


With Israel as your friend, you don’t need any enemies…

April 26, 2017

Most reasonable human beings, including world leaders, will eventually realize that Zionist Israeli leaders have no real friends, they may have acquaintances just to achieve their objectives, they’re extremely very selfish and arrogant, Israeli leaders will use you to their maximum advantage and then drop you like a hot potato, they have no loyalty to anyone but themselves, that’s their history and the way they conduct business, if and when US would stop the money train, Israeli leaders will sell them down the river for the highest bidder, and they’ve done it previously. Israeli leaders spy the most on their friends and seeming allies, and sell the most sensitive find again to the highest bidder, remember Jonathan Pollard was caught spying and selling info. to Russia and China. US military officials said that he did the most damage of anyone, and now he’s free back in Israel, and there are many others still spying on US according to some US officials in the NSA and other agencies…So you soon find out that Israel has no loyalty to anyone but themselves, therefore US should have no loyalty to Israel either, but they are being blackmailed and extorted into a relationship that is detrimental to US National security and US interests domestically and abroad. Soon US will find out that with Israel as a friend they don’t need any enemies.

Israel The Thief….

April 5, 2017

Zionist Israel has stolen literally everything Palestinians have, from our Palestinian land PALESTINE, to our Palestinian culture, to Palestinian Foods Hummus, Falafel etc. even Palestinian literature and our Most Important our Freedom, and now our Palestinian Keffiyeh. Israel can and did steal all that from us Palestinians, Israel succeeded in all that, and all that hasn’t change a thing as far as we Palestinians are concerned. But there are things Israel will never succeed in stealing, they are, Our Dignity, Our Honor, Our Self Respect and Israel will never steal Our Palestinian People determination and Our Steadfastness…So to all of you Israeli leaders, give up on the idea of liquidating us Palestinians and trying to erase us off the face of this blessed earth, you will never succeed in that, and History will be on our side, we were here before you and we will be here long after you’re gone.

Palestine is still the issue

January 1, 2017

I’m a Palestinian Refugee, born in Lebanon in 1950, after my parents and siblings were forced out of our family home in Haifa Palestine in 1948. I’ve been living in this blessed country US for the last 45 yrs, and I have done many lectures and speeches to Rotary, Kiwanis, women groups, High schools, Churches and basically to whoever showed interest in knowing about Palestine and Palestinians. I’ve always thought that I would change people’s mind tainted by Zionist Propaganda and Biased MSM one at a time if I have to. I’m happy to report I’ve been mostly successful, we have much to do yet, but we’re making headway and inching forward as they say…Just keep on message, after all Steadfastness is in our Palestinian DNA. I hope this New Year will bring Peace and Tranquility to my Palestinian people, and all oppressed people everywhere…We must all unite in the face of Tyranny and put a stop to Human Right Violations everywhere.

The Misconceptions Of Islam…

November 27, 2016

I grew up in a muslim home, in Beirut Lebanon as a Palestinian refugee, it was loving, Respectful to others and as peaceful for the most part as any home with sibling rivalry, I was the youngest of five children living in a very tiny flat, seven including my parents.

I chose not to be a religious person, it was a personal choice for me to be more of a spiritual person than anything else, even today if I’m given a choice to chose a Religion I would choose Islam, but again I chose to be a spiritual person….

Islam/Muslims are the way my mother was, she loved and respected most people, helped and fead people off the street, NONVIOLENT, and held herself to a higher standards. Islam/Muslims are nothing like what MSM say it is, and definitely not what ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra are. Everything those criminal thugs hired mercenaries do is contrary to Islam’s teaching and guidance….So please don’t listen to the haters and ignorant people describing Islam/Muslims, and not from Fox News and alike, the real truth about Islam is out there, seek it and find out for yourself before judging or miss judging Islam/Muslims…..It all boils down to one word RESPECT…..

The truth about the destruction in Middle East….

October 2, 2016

I was born and lived in neighboring Lebanon as a Palestinian Refugee, I know a thing or two about the whole region, the main and major problem is Israel and protecting Israel at all cost, so US/Israel teaming up with the most vile and corrupt Arab regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and UAE are out to destroy any one who is conceived to be a threat to Israel and it’s new allies, it’s that simple, Saddam was a threat, he’s gone, Qaddafi was a threat, he’s gone, Hezbollah is a threat, Israel has done everything in it’s power to get rid of Hezbollah in order to get rid of Assad and ultimately IRAN is the Biggest threat to Israel, and that is the ultimate goal. So it’s not rocket science, all one has to do is just watch what’s happening on the ground to figure out that it’s all done to protect and serve first Israel and then it’s new alliance the highly corrupt Arab regimes..

Kamal Hassan,

Zionist Israeli leaders are good at what they do…..

October 2, 2016

Centuries ago, Zionist leaders have been posting and planing to control the world. Zionist Israeli leaders are extremely arrogant, heartless and self righteous. With that formula they’ve devised an evil plan, in order to get what they want and need for their state of hate Zionist Israel. Israeli leaders use of bribes, blackmail, intimidation and extortion, they’ve been able to achieve their evil objectives. Israeli leaders have been treating everyone like dirt, they’ve slaughtering Palestinian men, women and children for decades and getting away with murder literally. The main reason that they’ve been able to get away with this, their web of deception is wide spread and very effective, they make sure their people are elected in every area, from local levels to the highest level in governments everywhere they can, and they’ve been very successful at it, only if Israeli leaders weren’t so devious, manipulative and evil….

So for us Peace loving individuals, and people that strive for basic human rights for everyone, with no exceptions, have the duty to expose what Zionist Israeli leaders are doing, and make known their evil deeds in every opportunity possible…

Kamal Hassan,

The hard reality in America controlled by AIPAC….

September 19, 2016

Tragic indeed, I’ve been in this blessed country for 45yrs, I’m very aware what you’re talking about, I had to endure many obstacles and prejudices in those early years, until people got to know me as a decent, productive and peaceful human being. I have done many talks/speeches for groups large and small, I’ve lectured in High schools, until Jewish/Israeli apologists/sympathizers became aware of what I was doing, and all came to a screeching halt. I have not stopped in trying to continue to do that whenever an opportunity arrises. I have decided long ago, that I will pursue this endeavor in a very peaceful way, and I will not be stopped or silenced. I do have lots of support when people know the truth and real facts about my Palestinian people and their turbulent and sad past and present, and the true nature of brutality of Zionist Israel in the way they’ve treated my people and still do….

Kamal C Hassan

Palestinian Activist

Zionist Israel Ultimate Plan….

September 2, 2016

The Final Solution To The Palestinian Dilemma…..

Kamal Hassan It’s not rocket science, one look at West Bank map and you will see what Zionist Israel is doing. Israeli Authorities have been isolating Palestinians from one another, now that has been achieved the goal is to isolate them from the outside world and cut them totally off. separating and buffering them from Jordan is the last act, then Israel can and will have full control of every aspect of Palestinian life, just like in Gaza, so Israel ultimate goal is to replicate the same situation as in Gaza…..Israeli leaders clearly has no bound to deceit, bullying and total control of Palestinian lives under the moat heinous and criminal Occupation ever in recorded history. The world should prevent such action by the Zionist state of Israel and not permit a true Holocaust perpetrated on them by Israel….