NY Times again shielding CIA and Israeli atrocities…

NY Times article, Fractured Lands: How the Arab World was destroyed put the blame squarely and completely on Arab countries. The article failed to share the blame equally.

Although this article is mostly correct, but the NY Times as always living up to it’s expectations in trying to protect and shield Israel from any ill doing and mischief. Fact is, Israeli is the main culprit and evil doer, teaming up with their partners in crime America’s CIA, and roping in the Saudis under achievers that are very eager to please their American masters, Saudi money is then used to reek havoc on their Arab brothers, killing and maiming innocent people along the way, shameful nonetheless but it serves the Saudi interests and goals in their strive for Arab and Muslim dominance. In conclusion, putting all the blame of Arab populous isn’t quite fair, and the blame should be at least shared by the criminals CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, they’re the ones that created Al Qaeda, Taliban then on to ISIS and Al Nusra the most heinous and notorious bunch of criminals, accented by Israel’s IDF agents to make sure the job is done right and to Israel’s long term goal of destroying Arab World and then on to the ultimate prize which is IRAN, why Iran, is because after destroying Iraq and Syria, Iran is the only viable deterrent to Israel’s total dominance of the whole Middle East…


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