Israel’s humiliating defeat visa vie Hezbollah…

On the eve of the awesome and humiliating defeat of  Israel, at the hand of Hezbollah heroic fighters, they were out gunned in every category except courage, determination and smartness. I don’t say it often enough, without Hezbollah, Lebanon would’ve been gobbled up by Israel long ago, not that Israel haven’t been trying to even the score of Hezbollah’s victory over Israeli forces with their most sophisticated and advanced weapons, Air power and Naval Gunships, with all that, heroic and smart Hezbollah fighters succeeded in holding back Israeli Advancement to ZERO Lebanese territories, and to this day, Israel haven’t forgotten or forgiven Hezbollah for Israel’s disgraceful defeat…Bravo Hezbollah Fighters, and kudos to you. One more thing, for Israeli leaders, if you’re even thinking about invading Lebanon and try to even the score and punish Hezbollah, think again, and think long and hard, Hezbollah Fighters are more equipped more experienced and more determined than ever to be up to the task and possibly whip your disgusting criminal and Zionist ass.


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