World Zionism is the real culprit…

Fact of the matter is that, most governments and their corrupt leaders don’t do things for Israel for the love of Israel and it’s leaders, it’s because those leaders have been compromised to the extent of now being extorted and blackmailed. Most world leaders in fact despise Israeli leaders with their extreme arrogance, self righteousness and dominant nature…World Zionism is the real and imminent danger. The solution is to limit and try to control their extreme power and dominance over world money institutions and major corporations, and after all these years, it’s much easier said than done, their wide web and long reaching tentacles and control over most western world leaders and most world institutions. The fight will be very hard and long, it’s up to us activists world wide keeping to keep the pressure on and persist in informing and educate the populace everywhere. Helping and nurturing grassroots movements, and in expanding their reach.


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