Myth of Camp David deal offered to Palestinians…

98% of 22% of historic Palestine, doesn’t amount to shit, plus the fact that so called 98% WB & Gaza would be demilitarized, well that OK, as soon as Israel also be demilitarized as well. No mention what so ever what happen to Palestinian Refugees forced out of their homes in 1947/48, still living in Refugee Camps spread all over Middle East. People should read the whole text document of Camp David, just google it. Arafat was offered a societal deal, no Arab leader in their right mind would fathom the notion of accepting such a deal. My deal for Zionist Israel is as follows, Palestine is for all Palestinians Christians, Jews and Muslims to live in Peace and respect as equals in every way, all Zionists however, are strongly encouraged to promptly leave to wherever they came from, Europe, Russia, USA etc….In summation Israeli Leaders have never been remotely serious about having and achieving genuine Peace with indigenous Palestinians, never as of to date.


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