is Hamas a Terrorist Organization!!!!

As most people know by now that I’m not a fan of Hamas, I can say with a clear conscious that Hamas started originally by non other than Israeli leaders in order to counter the PLO dominance and control over Palestinians, but Hamas evolved from that into a social organization with a military wing, that filled the vacuum that PLO left when they started to listen and obey rich Arab regimes such as Saudi Arabia and alike. But Hamas stopped listening to what Israeli leaders were saying and started really taking care of the impoverished Palestinians in Gaza, and Hamas was elected democratically to represent them, that’s when Israeli Leaders stoped liking Hamas and started to assassinate it’s leaders, that’s the simplistic answer of course, there’s more to that story. In short, Hamas is not a Terrorist Organization, Hamas is resisting the most barbaric and illegal Siege/Occupation on Palestinian people, after all, “Resist is to Exist”…

On the other hand, when Israeli leaders call Hamas Terrorist, that’s the ultimate in POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK, and then some. Facts on the ground shows that in fact Israel is the real Terrorist in the way it has treated and still treating Palestinians on a daily bases…



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