With Israel as your friend, you don’t need any enemies…

Most reasonable human beings, including world leaders, will eventually realize that Zionist Israeli leaders have no real friends, they may have acquaintances just to achieve their objectives, they’re extremely very selfish and arrogant, Israeli leaders will use you to their maximum advantage and then drop you like a hot potato, they have no loyalty to anyone but themselves, that’s their history and the way they conduct business, if and when US would stop the money train, Israeli leaders will sell them down the river for the highest bidder, and they’ve done it previously. Israeli leaders spy the most on their friends and seeming allies, and sell the most sensitive find again to the highest bidder, remember Jonathan Pollard was caught spying and selling info. to Russia and China. US military officials said that he did the most damage of anyone, and now he’s free back in Israel, and there are many others still spying on US according to some US officials in the NSA and other agencies…So you soon find out that Israel has no loyalty to anyone but themselves, therefore US should have no loyalty to Israel either, but they are being blackmailed and extorted into a relationship that is detrimental to US National security and US interests domestically and abroad. Soon US will find out that with Israel as a friend they don’t need any enemies.


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