Israel The Thief….

Zionist Israel has stolen literally everything Palestinians have, from our Palestinian land PALESTINE, to our Palestinian culture, to Palestinian Foods Hummus, Falafel etc. even Palestinian literature and our Most Important our Freedom, and now our Palestinian Keffiyeh. Israel can and did steal all that from us Palestinians, Israel succeeded in all that, and all that hasn’t change a thing as far as we Palestinians are concerned. But there are things Israel will never succeed in stealing, they are, Our Dignity, Our Honor, Our Self Respect and Israel will never steal Our Palestinian People determination and Our Steadfastness…So to all of you Israeli leaders, give up on the idea of liquidating us Palestinians and trying to erase us off the face of this blessed earth, you will never succeed in that, and History will be on our side, we were here before you and we will be here long after you’re gone.


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