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The Misconceptions Of Islam…

November 27, 2016

I grew up in a muslim home, in Beirut Lebanon as a Palestinian refugee, it was loving, Respectful to others and as peaceful for the most part as any home with sibling rivalry, I was the youngest of five children living in a very tiny flat, seven including my parents.

I chose not to be a religious person, it was a personal choice for me to be more of a spiritual person than anything else, even today if I’m given a choice to chose a Religion I would choose Islam, but again I chose to be a spiritual person….

Islam/Muslims are the way my mother was, she loved and respected most people, helped and fead people off the street, NONVIOLENT, and held herself to a higher standards. Islam/Muslims are nothing like what MSM say it is, and definitely not what ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra are. Everything those criminal thugs hired mercenaries do is contrary to Islam’s teaching and guidance….So please don’t listen to the haters and ignorant people describing Islam/Muslims, and not from Fox News and alike, the real truth about Islam is out there, seek it and find out for yourself before judging or miss judging Islam/Muslims…..It all boils down to one word RESPECT…..