Zionist Israeli leaders are good at what they do…..

Centuries ago, Zionist leaders have been posting and planing to control the world. Zionist Israeli leaders are extremely arrogant, heartless and self righteous. With that formula they’ve devised an evil plan, in order to get what they want and need for their state of hate Zionist Israel. Israeli leaders use of bribes, blackmail, intimidation and extortion, they’ve been able to achieve their evil objectives. Israeli leaders have been treating everyone like dirt, they’ve slaughtering Palestinian men, women and children for decades and getting away with murder literally. The main reason that they’ve been able to get away with this, their web of deception is wide spread and very effective, they make sure their people are elected in every area, from local levels to the highest level in governments everywhere they can, and they’ve been very successful at it, only if Israeli leaders weren’t so devious, manipulative and evil….

So for us Peace loving individuals, and people that strive for basic human rights for everyone, with no exceptions, have the duty to expose what Zionist Israeli leaders are doing, and make known their evil deeds in every opportunity possible…

Kamal Hassan,


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