The truth about the destruction in Middle East….

I was born and lived in neighboring Lebanon as a Palestinian Refugee, I know a thing or two about the whole region, the main and major problem is Israel and protecting Israel at all cost, so US/Israel teaming up with the most vile and corrupt Arab regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and UAE are out to destroy any one who is conceived to be a threat to Israel and it’s new allies, it’s that simple, Saddam was a threat, he’s gone, Qaddafi was a threat, he’s gone, Hezbollah is a threat, Israel has done everything in it’s power to get rid of Hezbollah in order to get rid of Assad and ultimately IRAN is the Biggest threat to Israel, and that is the ultimate goal. So it’s not rocket science, all one has to do is just watch what’s happening on the ground to figure out that it’s all done to protect and serve first Israel and then it’s new alliance the highly corrupt Arab regimes..

Kamal Hassan,


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