The hard reality in America controlled by AIPAC….

Tragic indeed, I’ve been in this blessed country for 45yrs, I’m very aware what you’re talking about, I had to endure many obstacles and prejudices in those early years, until people got to know me as a decent, productive and peaceful human being. I have done many talks/speeches for groups large and small, I’ve lectured in High schools, until Jewish/Israeli apologists/sympathizers became aware of what I was doing, and all came to a screeching halt. I have not stopped in trying to continue to do that whenever an opportunity arrises. I have decided long ago, that I will pursue this endeavor in a very peaceful way, and I will not be stopped or silenced. I do have lots of support when people know the truth and real facts about my Palestinian people and their turbulent and sad past and present, and the true nature of brutality of Zionist Israel in the way they’ve treated my people and still do….

Kamal C Hassan

Palestinian Activist


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