The stolen land day of Palestine, stolen by Zionist Israel….

Sixty plus yrs ago, Israel with collaboration with western so called democracies, stole Palestinian lands, massacred several villages, wiped out over 400 other Palestinian villages and expelled over 750.000 indigenous Palestinians to live in refugee camps in misery till today, all the  while UN and western powers watched. UN promised those Palestinian refugees that they’ll be allowed back in about two weeks, my parents were among those expelled to Lebanon to this day 63+ yrs ago. Over the years Palestinians have tried every method known to man, and yes very peaceful civil disobedience, and some violence methods as well, to no avail, because Israel had an agenda of ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians one way or another, and UN and rest of the world still watching. Palestinians have been living under occupation in West Bank, token freedom, 600 check points, huge wall to separate even Palestinian villages from one another, Gaza is under siege, 7000+ political prisoners with no way out. Daily violence from Israeli illegal settlers, uprooting ancient olive trees, poisoning Palestinian water wells, shooting at Palestinian children going to school and on and on. What a life to live for 63+ yrs…. Israel and US insist that Peace will only come through negotiations. The parties involved have been talking/negotiating for 40+ years now, all breakdowns have been attributed to the Palestinian side by Israel/US/Western media. The question is, who do you think is the real obstacle to Peace. Palestinians have already lost every thing, Israel on the other hand ended up controlling every thing. So who do you think is more serious about an equitable and fare settlement……You make the call.


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