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God’s chosen people no more…..

December 19, 2010

If this is the best humanity has to offer, I don’t want any part of it. Those so called God’s chosen people aren’t what God intended for sure. God the merciful, would not have chosen those hateful sinful criminals to do these heinous unspeakable crimes against defenseless and innocent Palestinians for all these years. This crime must end now…..


Inside the moral corruption of Israeli society
by Joseph Dana
December 16, 2010

Army takes over a house in Hebron, 16.10.08.
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After being arrested in a Palestinian demonstration near Hebron some time ago, I was handcuffed and blindfolded then sat in the direct sun along with another Israeli activist. After some time, an IDF commander arrived on the scene and asked one of his soldiers, “why are those two in the sun?” The soldier reported that he just put us next to some Palestinians that were arrested in the same demonstration. The commander, clearly upset with his young soldier, ordered that we be moved to the shade because `they are Jews.” Then he personally inspected the zip-tie handcuffs of the Palestinians, making sure that they were as excruciatingly tight as possible.

This was one of my first concrete experiences in the West Bank in which I was able to see just how soldiers viewed Palestinians. It was as if they were not fully human or at least, not as human as Jews.

Purposeless is a word that is used often in the new Breaking the Silence collection of IDF soldiers’ testimonies from the past ten years of occupation in the West Bank. Testimony after testimony tells a story of some experience where soldiers harassed, terrorized and `controlled’ Palestinians for seemingly no purpose at all.

Soldiers would raid a house, arrest an unwanted man, or shoot unarmed civilians while forcing families to stand in the cold wearing only night cloths for no reason whatsoever. After telling their stories of abuse, many soldiers say they saw no purpose in conducting these actions.

From an operational standpoint, there is no purpose in arresting an unwanted man or harassing a village with sound bombs at four in the morning. However, there is a greater purpose for the constant harassment of Palestinians. It is done to reinforce the notion that they are an occupied and controlled people as well as to indoctrinate young soldiers in the ways that the army understands the Palestinian population; as not completely human. Viewing Palestinians as less than human is a profound example of the moral corruption of Israeli society.

In order to occupy, with all the violations of the humanity of the occupied, the occupier must internalize a moral high ground.

The `purposeless’ arrests, night raids, and other violations of human rights are a necessary component for soldiers to understand their high ground. The fact that most of the horrific crimes discussed in the testimonies were conducted by commanders and others in supervisor positions further reinforces this idea that `purposeless’ operations are done for a clear purpose. Breaking the Silence has given us a window into the method of indoctrination in Israel at its most sacred level, that of the army.

One of the most recent testimonies from the book, reports of `purposeless’ activities in Ramallah and Hebron in 2008-2009:
We also had arrests that we were tired of. There was a feeling that they were purposeless, for example looking for people who cut the fence or people who threw stones or were identified at demonstrations against the fence or inciters.

It was a feeling of purposelessness. If in Hebron there was a feeling that you were arresting an unfortunate person, the feeling here was that we were doing nothing. There was one arrest, I don’t remember in which village it started heating up, and there was chaos and I remember the company commander cocked his weapon and said they need to calm down, and the Shin Bet came in the middle of the village among a few houses of a large family.

Testimony 22 evokes another picture of terror. Titled, “The battalion commander marched him barefoot”, a soldier recalls having his commander order a house raid in Gaza in 2002-3:

We are taking everyone out of the house at four in the morning in the freezing cold and leaving them outside in the cold, in robes, without a minute of warning to put on some clothes, and leaving them for a half hour outside until you do the search. Up to cases where they come with a Givati force in Gaza, they go in with the battalion commander; they find someone there who isn’t connected to anything, a house that’s not at the location they received, a different house.

And of course in every home in Bet Lahia, outside of the house, there are pictures of Shahids so he says to him: “What’s this?” And then he decides to take him with us and he’s barefoot. They walk three kilometers from his house to the border and he’s barefoot. He asked the battalion commander if he could put shoes on, sandals, he asked him in Hebrew and he goes to him: “No”! He started bleeding on the way.

As I was reading this document in disbelief and sadness, I mentioned a couple of testimonies to my flat mate who was an IDF commander three years ago. I told him about one testimony which described how soldiers in Hebron would train for house arrests by selecting, at random, a Palestinian home. In the middle of the night, they would raid the house and arrest whom they pleased. After the terrorizing was over, the soldiers would release the innocent man (or men) that they captured and have an operational debriefing to inspect performance.

My flat mate, rather dismissively, asked if I was surprised by this. “I used to do the same thing”, he exclaimed and continued, “They are doing the same right now somewhere out there in the West Bank.”

The majority of soldiers have committed similar actions or watched them happen. When soldiers, our national pride, bravely come forward and speak of what happens behind our walls and checkpoints, we have a privileged position to better analyze the national psyche. What is found is that the occupation has led to a moral corrosion of Israeli society which has almost reached a point of no return


What you don’t know about Israel’s real actions will astonish you…

December 4, 2010

In most cases you follow the money as they say, in this case as many other assassinations around the world, you must follow Israeli Mossad…Don’t be so quick to blame Hezbollah.   The truth will always come out….

“When we asked a number of military experts what kind of explosives would be capable of generating such damage, they mentioned a new type of weapon. The combination of nuclear and nanotechnology science can trigger an explosion the exact strength of which can be regulated and controlled. The weapon is set up to destroy everything within a given perimeter, down to the nearest centimeter. The weapon is shaped like a small missile, a few tens of centimeters long. It must be fired from a drone. Actually, several witnesses assured they had heard an aircraft flying over the scene of the crime.”

Indeed, and while western media have announced that indictments against Hezbollah will be issued shortly by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Russian magazine Odnako chose to challenge the entire UN investigation.

According to a detailed investigation released by the magazine, the weapon used to assassinate former Prime Minister Rafiq Hairiri was supplied by Germany. Even more, the magazine said that former German prosecutor and first commissioner in charge of the UN probe, Detlev Mehlis, seemingly doctored evidence to cover up his country’s involvement.

“When looking at the photos and videos taken immediately after the attack, the first most striking feature is the blaze. Car parts and various types of objects are burning all around. Then, the bodies of the victims: they are charred on one side and intact on the other. An astonishing phenomenon which bears no resemblance to what is normally caused by conventional explosives. The theory that the van was transporting a mix of RDX, PETN and TNT does not account for the damages occurred,” the Russian magazine emphasized. “What is more, from the photos showing Rafiq Hariri’s corpse one can observe that his solid gold wristwatch has melted, whereas the collar of his luxury shirt still hugs his neck in pristine condition.”

“The explosion generated a blast of an exceptionally intense heat and exceptionally brief duration. Thus, the flesh exposed to the blast was instantly carbonized, while the body underneath was not burnt. High-density objects (such as the gold watch) absorbed the heat and were destroyed. Conversely, low-density objects (like the delicate fabric of Hariri’s shirt collar) didn’t have enough time to absorb the heat and were unaffected.”

After asking a number of military experts what kind of explosives would be capable of generating such damage, the magazine concluded that a new type of weapon which has been developed over several decades and is featured in reports appearing in scientific journals was used in the assassination. “The combination of nuclear and nanotechnology science can trigger an explosion the exact strength of which can be regulated and controlled. The weapon is set up to destroy everything within a given perimeter, down to the nearest centimeter.”

“Always according to the same military specialists, this weapon can also produce other types of effects: it exerts a very strong pressure on the area of the explosion. The minute it stops, the heaviest objects are propelled upwards. Accordingly, cars were sent flying through the air. There is one unequivocal fact: this weapon is equipped with a nano-quantity of enriched uranium, emanating radiations which are quantifiable. Now, it just so happens that one of the passengers in Rafia Hariri’s armoured car survived the explosion. Former Minister Bassel Fleyhan was taken to a topnotch French military hospital for treatment. The doctors were astounded to discover that he had been in contact with enriched uranium. But no one linked this to the attack.”

“Technically speaking, the weapon is shaped like a small missile, a few tens of centimeters long. It must be fired from a drone. Actually, several witnesses assured they had heard an aircraft flying over the scene of the crime. The investigators asked the United States and Israel, whose surveillance satellites are permanently switched on, to provide them with the pertinent images. On the day of the attack, the United States had deployed AWACS aircraft over Lebanon. The live feeds could help to establish the presence of a drone and even to determine its flight path. But Washington and Tel Aviv – which indefatigably urge all parties to cooperate with the STL – turned down the request,” the magazine said.

“So, who fired the missile?” the magazine wondered. “According to the military experts, in 2005, Germany was the only country which had a handle on this new technology. It is, therefore, Berlin which supplied and set up the crime weapon. Hence, it is easy to understand why former Berlin Attorney General Detlev Mehlis – a very controversial figure within his own profession – was eager to preside the UN Investigation Commission.”

“The truth ultimately seeps through. The Israeli drone videos released by the Hezbollah expose Israel’s involvement in the crime preparations. The facts revealed by Odnako point to the use of a sophisticated German weapon. The puzzle is nearly complete,” it concluded.