The Aggressor Israel Took My Land….

.Thank you Gilad. You are so correct. I am a Palestinian born in Lebanon as a Palestinian refugee 1950. My parents were forced out of their home in Haifa in 1948. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the implementation of all those UN resolutions concerning the Palestinian right of return. Israel has committed a heinous crime of magnificent proportion in 1948, all the while the world powers stood by including many of the corrupt Arab leaders. I will not give up my right to return to our home in Haifa as many other Palestinians will do the same. Israel has been treating the indigenous Palestinians so brutally and very badly for many years now, and the world is asking us Palestinians to compromise and make more sacrifices in the sake of Peace, what the world should be doing is put pressure on the aggressor Israel to relinquish it’s hold on the daily lives of the Palestinian people and let us live in Peace.


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