Israel,Jewish only state,is a Fascist State…

 Well I guess, according to Nothingyahoo(Netanyahu) the Palestinians must recognize Israel’s atrocities and occupation and the siege of Gaza, before Israel would consider negotiating with the Palestinians, If the Palestinians do that before hand, whats’ there to negotiate, and we wouldn’t need Mitchell.

Would the real Israel please stand up. the true colors of the real Israel are finally coming out. 94% of Israelis supported the Gaza slaughter, killing innocent women and children is obviously an acceptable behavior in the new Israeli society. Electing the most Hawkish Israeli government in history, is like pouring gasoline on a ragging fire.

Whats’ needed at this time is moderation not confrontation, reconciliation and Peaceful gesture, and apparently thats’ in short supply in the zionist state of Israel, go figure and I thought that Israel was the only democracy in the Middle East, at least thats’ what the mainstream media is always tell us. So to accept Netanyahu’s analogy, Israel is Jewish only state, then Palestine is Palestinian only state, and America is American only state, you get the picture.

 I as a Palestinian refugee advocate and support the One state solution. One state were every one is EQUAL to be what they want to be, and yes Mr. Netanyahu you can be as Jewish as you would like, Jerusalem an open city for all the warship as it’s capitol. I hope we all wake up real soon and stamp out the Netanyahu’s and Lieberman’s and alike of the world before their fire consumes all of us Peace loving people of the world that should be.

Kamal Hassan,

Palestinian Peace Activist.


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