Tell me who your friends are, I’ll tell you who you are…

History will show that Israel is the worst country has ever existed on the face of this earth. The American people must examine very closely our relations and alliances with the Zionist State. Every day new revelation shows Israel’s atrocities and genocidal treatment upon the Palestinian people. As the saying goes, ” tell me who your friends are, I’ll tell you who you are “. I assure you that, Israel is not only, not a real friend, but also a liability to the US. What Israel has subjected the Palestinians to for the last 60 years, no one can bear or endure. The Palestinian people have tried Peaceful means for many years to no evil. The UN has passed several resolutions to alleviate the sufferings of the Palestinian people, only to be vetoed by the US on behalf of our so called friend Israel. It is time for CHANGE, our corrupt and unbalanced foreign policies, must be even handed and fare for both sides. It is time for Justice and Happy time for those Palestinians who suffered for so long. It is time for the Gaza crossings to be opened once and for all, with proper monitoring by the international community to safe guard Israel’s interest. Gaza not only is bleeding, but dying slowly every day goes by, while the world is looking the other way. It is time to face up to our moral responsibilities and do what’s right, Justice and Peace with honor…

Kamal Hassan,

Palestinian Peace Activist,


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