It Is The Siege And Occupation Stupid….

Is It Democracy Or Hypocrisy….

 Secretary Clinton, visited the Middle East few days ago, throwing American money around, money that we do not have for our own children.

The fact that we give Israel about 10 Million Dollars per/day, not per/month or year, should make every American stop, think and question our Foreign Aid program. Not only that Israel does not need the money, but what Israel do with the Money.

 What happened in Gaza is a small example of what Israel do with the money. Israel destroys what others gave money for rebuilding the shattered lives of the Palestinians under Israel’s brutal occupation. Few years ago, Israel did the same thing in Lebanon and the on going illegal settlements expansion,and on and on…

 The Secretary also said that, for the US to have a dialogue with Hamas, Hamas must recognize Israel and abide by previous agreements, That’s also fine and dandy, if the Secretary also asks Israel to do the same. Asking Hamas to recognize Israel is the same as asking the victim of rape to recognize the right of the perpetrator that committed the crime, another word, Hamas has to recognize and except Israel’s Siege and Occupation as legitimate course of action.

  Forgive me for not standing up and cheering for the secretary of state, the people in the Middle East, have been through a lot over the years, and can spot hypocrisy a mile away. Secretary clinton complains and often talks about Hamas’s rockets, that’s fine and dandy, if along side of that, talking about the daily killings of innocent Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli powerful military, in both Gaza and the West Bank.

 So, Mrs. Secretary, with all due respect, the People of the Middle East would like to remind you, remember “Its’ the Economy Stupid”,

 It’s the Siege stupid, It’s the Occupation Stupid. As long as those facts are ignored, nothing will be accomplished….


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