Gaza Still Under Siege…..

Peace With Respect and honor….

 Seemingly, the situation in Gaza is indeed calmer, but don’t be fooled. Gaza is still under lock and key by Israel, yes after the President of the USA, said that the Gaza situation is intolerable, and that ALL Humanitarian aide must flow freely and ALL Crossings must be open and stay open. Well that went on deaf ears as far as the Israelis were concerned. The situation in Gaza not only dyer but very catastrophic, because of all the destruction that Israel has inflected on Gaza, it is hard to fined any building or institution that has not been damaged. The Israelis have not allowed any building materials to inter Gaza, so how do people rebuild their shattered lives…. Israeli leaders are WAR CRIMINALS, in any definition. The mass killings of women and children was on such a magnitude that defied comprehension. It is hard to believe that those criminals can sleep at night, and go on their daily routine. The only explanation I can muster is that they’ve lost all their moral standards and humanity. I hope that the rest of the world is not in a coma, and can see the brutality of the Israeli leaders, so to bring them to Justice, on behalf of the voiceless and the unprivileged innocent Palestinians in Gaza and else were in the occupied territories. The time is now to keep the pressure on Israel to do the right thing and FREE ALL the Palestinian people from under their Iron grip. The Palestinian People have suffered enough and for so long, the Palestinian People are not willing to be Israel wiping boy, when ever Israel choose to punish for whatever reason. Enough is enough, it is time that the whole world stood behind the abused and stop the abuser, it is high time that the world communities stood up for what’s right and recognized the legitimate right for the Palestinian people that have gone ignored for so long. The Palestinian People are not willing to wait for yet another Israeli election or another sham Peace conference. It is time to change the Israeli mentality towards the Palestinian people, we are not your Enemy, what you are doing and have done to the Palestinian people makes you your own Enemy. So Please open your eyes and see the truth and the beauty in Peace and Justice….

Kamal Hassan,

Palestinian Peace Activist.


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