Hamas, The Palestinian People’s Choice….

   Can Hamas Do Things Right…..

 Israel’s latest brutal aggression and devastation of Gaza, did not need a pretext. Israel has been plotting and planning this haines action for over a year, in collaboration with Egypt and none other than the Palestinian authority, headed by Abbas.

 All Hamas was doing is keeping the pressure on by firing those insignificant highly inaccurate, home made rockets, that injured few Israelis and killed even fewer. The only action that Hamas had control of…

 The Israeli hugely devastating and lob sided aggression, must not go unpunished, Israel used Gaza and it’s inhabitants as ginny pigs, and testing ground for Israeli and American latest unforgiving and outlawed weapons newly invented for mass killings.

 As if the siege was not good enough or fast enough to liquidate those innocent Palestinians, those people has done nothing to deserve what the most ruthless and punishing war machine on the face of this earth.

 All Israeli lies are coming home to roost, the world is a little wiser and more of the independent media are watching more closely than ever before. The bombing of schools, mosques, hospitals, universities, and strictly private home, that the People of Gaza have built with their hard earned money, sweat and blood…

Israel must be made to compensate and rebuild and pay reparations for what Israel has unjustly done to those courageous and innocent Palestinians.

 Israel actions in Gaza had the opposite calculated result. The aim was to finish Hamas, the words of Livni, and other Israeli leaders. But what happened was remarkable, not only that Hamas fighters held their own against one of the most powerful armies in the world, but the people have not turned on Hamas or abandoned their right to self defense against the sustained and brutal Israeli occupation.

 The main stream western media have been promoting and enhancing Israeli tarnished image. I heard today Fox news reporter saying that Hamas have been giving the People of Gaza money to compensate some of their loses of their homes and things, the way the reporter put it , Hamas is giving this money to shore up their situation in Gaza, is there no end to the Hatred and misrepresentation of Hamas by the dominated and controlled main stream media, enough already….

 Face the facts, Hamas was elected in a democratically, open and fair election, it is high time that under a new American administration headed by president Obama, started talking and negotiating with the Palestinian people’s choice rather than the hand picked corrupt Fatah headed by Abbas. So lets give Hamas a chance and you just might be surprised of the results, I’m confident that Israel would have a better Peace, if it sheds it’s policies of hate and the harsh and unjust treatment of the Palestinian people, and talking and dealing with Hamas is a very good first step

 Kamal Hassan,

Palestinian Peace Activist,


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