There is a serial killer, that resides’ in the eastern mediterranean, south of Lebanon and west of Jordon . This serial killer has been killing people in the Middle East for a very long time , with out remorse , deterrent or impunity.

Israel is that serial killer, in the name of self defense and security, Israel has been killing many Arabs in general , and Palestinians in particular . It seams that Israel can not live with out killing Palestinians.

 Over the years Israel has been offered many opportunities for Peaceful resolution to the Palestinian dilema, in fact in 2002, all Arab countries offered Israel ,a full and lasting Peace for the return of Palestinian land in accordance of the 1967 borders. Israel has yet to take that offer….

Israel is very quick to talk Peace, but thats’ all Israel is willing to do is talk. Israel’s action speaks louder than words . Israel has been negotiating with the Arabs/Palestinians for many years, not only that no progress has been made , but indeed the situation has gotten worse and worse, more illegal settlements , more check points, more restrictions and misery for the Palestinians.

 The Gaza siege situation has gotten so bad , people were dying from lake of basic living items, Palestinian fishermen could not even fish off the cost of Gaza with out being shot at and harassed by the Israel navy.

Israel’s claim that the Gaza war is in self defense does not hold water, this war is nothing less than a holocaust and murder. Hamas home made rockets is in no way a match to the Israeli killing machine. Israel has bombed , schools, hospitals, universities, mosques , with the claim that Hamas fighters have either fired from there or have weapons there. That by itself does not give Israel the right to kill every one in sight, as it has been doing all along.

 Israel’s claim that Hamas leaders hide behind their children is falls, this claim is very syndical and evil, no parent that I know of would ever do such a thing, Israel would go ahead and kill every one any way. The fact of the matter is that, Israel has not once stopped from targeting Palestinians with or with out children, in fact Israel’s track record shows Israel targeting children with out their parents or provocation as they did in the Lebanon War.

 The propaganda war is getting as ugly as the war itself, just because Israel says it , that does not make it so. Israel has been practicing the untruth for a very long time, so Please research and find the truth on your own

 We know where that Serial Killer is, the world criminal court must act and bring Israel to face justice , right the wrong and help the innocent get justice, once and for all…..


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