” Hamas ” The Untold Story….

                                                                                               ”  HAMAS ”  THE UNTOLD TRUTH

I’ve been watching the media very closely these days, and a very disturbing phenomena has been emerging. The Media War, The Israeli government has discovered that the Palestinians have been using the internet to inform people and tell the real story that has been distorted by the Israeli propaganda machine….

The truth of the matter is that, Hamas is not a terrorist organization nor that Hamas was the aggressor in any of the Israeli Palestinian confrontations.

To set the record straight, Hamas was originally created with the help and blessings of the Israeli government about 25 years ago to offset the more powerful Fatah movement that was headed by Arafat. So Hamas was an organization that took care of the Palestinian people’s daily lives, Hamas was a social entity, Hamas built schools, Hospitals , clinics , universities etc. When Hamas started to get more powerful and more popular with Palestinian masses, Israel started to get worried.

In 2006 , there was a democratic and open and fair election in the Palestinian occupied West Bank and Gaza to elect the people that would represent the Palestinian people, Israel and the US, would favor the so called moderate Fatah, from a Palestinian point of view, Fatah people were corrupt and did nothing to further the Palestinian cause , and would rubber stamp what ever Israel and the US wanted. Hamas on the other hand was very much in sink with the real issues that concerns the average Palestinian, therefore Hamas was overwhelmingly elected to govern. Immediately after the vote and Fatah’s defeat, Israel and the US ignored the results and called Hamas a terrorist entity. soon after, Israel and the US were plotting to liquidate and finish Hamas totally. Hamas was tipped off by a courageous Fatah man , his name is Hani al-hassan, for what about to happen to Hamas in Gaza. So Hamas took the initiative and routed up the Fatah people in Gaza. from that point on Gaza was declared a hostile area by Israel and the US.

Israel started to provoke a fight with Hamas by targeting and killing their leaders and fighters, so Hamas started firing home made rockets on to Israeli towns with little damage or casualties, but that was what Israel was waiting for to hit Hamas and finish the job that was not done by fatah earlier.

On Nov. 6th , Israel attacked Hamas fighters and killed 6. This Israeli action violated the cease fire that was in effect for six mons. signed by Hamas and Israel.

So when Israel claims that Hamas violated the cease fire, Israel is completely wrong, Israel has been preparing for this moment for over two years. And now Israel is killing hundreds of innocent children, women and elderly Palestinians . Those Palestinians all they wanted is for the siege to be lifted and to be left alone to live in Peace, what ever that means under the Israeli brutal occupation. So please check and  investigate for your self what ever Israel is claiming to be the case . And thats’ what I know to be the truth…..

Kamal Hassan,

Palestinian Peace Activist.


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