Gaza Is Bleeding….

Please Be Informed. The Truth Is Out There……Please Seek It….
As citizens of the world, we strongly condemn the Israeli attack on the Palestinian people in Gaza. We believe that Israel has committed and is committing war crimes during its current military campaign.  As the occupying power, Israel has violated its obligation as to protect the occupied citizens of Gaza.  At the same time, State of Israel has violated the Geneva conventions and the Statutes laid out in Article 8 of the International criminal court by the deliberate targeting civilians, humanitarian aid workers, halting the full delivery of aid to Gaza, and the total destruction of the infrastructure in Gaza. On Tues Jan 6th three Israeli artillery shells fired at a UN School sheltering 350 refugees in the Jabalya Refugee Camp killed 40 Palestinians and injured 50. This is just one of many reports coming out of the Gaza strip of the deliberate and discriminate targeting of civilians. We ask the Prosecutor General of the International Criminal Court to conduct an immediate investigation into all these reports and to bring those responsible to justice. We also ask the ICC to join the world in condemning these brutal and inhumane attacks on the civilian population of Gaza.    
Kamal c hassan,
Palestinian Peace Activist.

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