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The Destruction of Gaza

December 28, 2008

 It’s about 4 AM. I did not sleep very well last night, thinking of lots of things, seeing those horrible images coming out of Gaza. But most tragic of all is the great injustice that has happened to the Palestinian people early on in history. 

Israel was created on a very big lie. Before the birth of the state of Israel, Israeli leaders set out to create this big myth that Palestine was a land without people and therefore natural for a people without a land. But Palestine was not a land without people. Palestine was a beautiful, vibrant, productive and peaceful land, were Palestinian Arabs lived, where Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived and worked together in harmony.

Jews from all over the world started to come to the land of Palestine, in the process pushing the native people out of their land, homes, and businesses. The Jewish underground was headed by none other than the most prominent modern day Israeli leaders. They butchered their way across the land of Palestine, in a very calculated method. They called it The Dalet Plan 1948, you can read about it online. Google “Gaza siege” “Israeli settlers” “AIPAC” “Dayr Yasein Massacre” “Occupation 101” “The USS Liberty.”

The UN, recognizing the dilema, have passed many resolutions to rectify the injustice in favor of a more balanced solution of a 60/40 split. Although the Jews were the minority they got 60%. Most resolutions were vetoed by the US on behalf of Israel. But that was not enough. So the Israelis started expanding and grabbing more land, and today Israel controls 90% of pre-1948 Palestine. Through all of that, the Palestinians have been living under a very brutal occupation and an iron fist policy that got us to today. . . .

Hamas is not the Problem. Hamas is the majority of the Palestinian People, mainly a social organization that takes care of the people’s needs. Hamas has built schools, hospitals, clinics, a whole social network for the well-being of the Palestinian people. The Palestinians had a democratic election that was hailed honest, open, and fair by the EU and other outside observers, and Hamas was elected to lead the Palestinian People. But the Israelis did not agree with the result and labeled Hamas as a terrorist entity But the facts show that Israel has committed far more terrorist acts than Hamas ever did. (By the way, Hamas was originally created with the help of Israel to offset the the other Palestinian power, Fatah.) Now Israel is helping Fatah be in control because Fatah promotes and rubber stamps Israel’s wishes.

Israel is one of the most powerful nations militarily on this planet, has the most advanced and powerful weapons, mostly supplied by the USA, and an estimated 5 billion dollars per year of our tax dollars goes to Israel with no strings attached.

What is happening in Gaza is a great injustice. Gaza is about 25 miles long. It is a very small area that 1.5 million Palestinians live call home. It’s hard to call it living, when they are crushed daily under a brutal siege. No one in the world would endure what the Palestinians in Gaza have. Even with all that brutality they have held strong and survived. But Israel won’t have it. Israel has been trying to break the will of the People of Gaza for a long time, wanting to liquidate the Hamas movement: the symbol of Palestinian resistance and pride. What Israel is doing today in Gaza is doing nothing to achieve peace for anyone; all it is doing is creating more hate and bloodshed and mistrust and festering more animosity and more killings.

Israel started with a Big Lie. Israeli leaders have been lying and misleading the world ever since, maintaining and manifesting this untruth.

There is a wonderful Israeli peace movement that needs to be nourished and complemented. They do great and brave things at very high risk, at the constant harassment and threat from friends, family, and the Israeli government.

The solution is for Israel to come clean, admit the injustice, and right the wrong. Let us return to the original UN plan of 60/40 and stop the madness and killings, and live in peace and harmony as they did in the past. I know it can be done. I believe truth and peace will always prevail.