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Obama bowing to pressure from Israeli lobby already…..

November 6, 2008

Hello All,
Congratulation on your WIN…..But I must say, that your WIN is not my WIN. Unfortunately my fears are becoming realities, and the proof is becoming clear…….
I had several reason why I DID NOT vote for Obama, Nader was my choice. When Obama went way out the norm in stating his unwavering and blind support of this occupying and oppressive regime,people said he had to do this to be elected, and I said that shouldn’t be the way,and he should have a back bone to stand up for what is right . One should not start bowing but stand tall for whats right. So this is the result of catering and bowing to the Israeli pressure, I’m afraid that this is going to continue and get worse….So all we have to do is double our effort in informing people of the real danger in fully supporting a zionist Israel and ignoring Palestinian basic rights and aspirations to rid themselves of the brutal occupation and live in peace with out Israel’s daily harassment and killings…..