Its your money…..

Did you know that , we as Americans give Israel about 16 million dollars per day, an equivalent to the sum of 5 billions yes with a B. per year , and that is the money we know about add to that all donations from all over the USA and he rest of the world, keeping in mind that Israel is a producing country and an exporting country that does not need any help financially what so ever, in fact as per cap eta the Israelis are much better off than any one any were around the world by far….

So what does Israel do with all that Money…..

Attack other countries in the name of security…

Allocate huge amount of money in their Military and War Machine…

Conduct an ugly and a brutal Occupation on the Palestinian people…

Spy on every one including their ally the USA and sell the valuable info. to the highest bidder…

Black mail our politicians so to keep them in line…

The list goes on…


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