The Israeli brutal occupation….

After the creation of Israel, and Israel becoming an occupying power. Israel did not obied with any of the Geneva convention’s laws. Israel ruled with an iron fist, killing, jailing and demolishing Palestinian homes with no impunity or remorse . The Palestinians were treated like animals , even till today what Israel is doing in Gaza is unthinkable and inhuman,  and yet  the world  is not taking notice  in fear of offending  the Israelis.

Israel’s reasoning for all of this , they say they are surrounded by hustle Arab countries, that wishes to push Israel into the sea…The fact of the mater is that, Israel is the aggressor and occupier , and Israel has been getting larger and all the Arab countries around her has been getting smaller, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt .

If ones wants Peace , ones must be Peaceful not a war monger….


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  1. Sasha Crow Says:

    Dear Kamal

    Congrats on the new blog. Spread the word! Hugs, S

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