The big lie….

The state of Israel has been created on a big lie . This big lie has cost lots of death , and created a human catastrophe for lots of the original inhabitants of the land that was known as Palestine…..

The Palestinians were forced out of their homes and businesses, and lots of them have lost their lives in that process .

The First Lie..

Israel has told the world that Palestine was not occupied by any one , that was complete fabrication on the Israeli leaders. Palestine was inhabited by about two million people, all Arabs, Jews, Christians and Muslims, all lived in Peace and harmony for many years….Until the thought and the need to create a home land for the Jews after their persecutions by Nazi Germany.

Second Lie…

Israel told the world that the Palestinians have sold their land to the Jews, again complete fabrication. The Israelis have butchered their way through the country with extreme brutality and malice , putting the fear in the hearts of the natives so to flee the country, and by all account they have succeeded, many Palestinians fled for their lives to the neighbouring countries and became Palestinian refugees.

Third Lie…

The Jews have said that God has given them the right to live in Palestine. Now what kind of God would choose amongst his children who would live and who would be eliminated . What God intended for the Jews, was to share the land of Palestine for all three sects …

In my next Blog I’ll talk about Israel’s brutal occupation….


One Response to “The big lie….”

  1. Raina Says:

    congrats on the blog, baba! now you have your own little corner of cyberspace.

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